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Simon Bélair Acupuncteur, Acupuncture Montréal - Tuina


Tuina (Tui “to push” and Na “to grasp”) massage is a manual Chinese therapy using traditional Chinese medicine principles and martial arts to treat many acute or chronic physical conditions. Tuina impacts the patient both physically (soft tissue and joints) and circulatory (different meridians). Thanks to the effectiveness and precision of its multiple techniques, Tuina eliminates blockages, increases vitality and stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities in both adults and children.

During a treatment, the practitioner may use a variety of techniques such as traction, stretching, pressure, mobilization and massage in order to ensure a good functioning of the patient’s joints, nervous system, muscles and internal organs. An average Tuina session lasts an hour and is practiced in a sitting or lying position. The patient remains dressed and must wear loose clothing.

The fields of application for Tuina massage are multiple. This branch of traditional Chinese medicine can treat a variety of conditions such as chronic and acute pain, tendonitis, joint problems, lumbago (lower back pain), stiff necks, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, headaches, digestive problems, colds and many other conditions. Tuina may be a very effective alternative to needles in the treatment of children.

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