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Qi Gong

Simon Bélair has been teaching Qi Gong for over 15 years. His personal practice of martial arts and clinical practice has led him to offer online courses to help students and patients maintain or improve their health

Qi Gong is a form of movement meditation, which aims to develop and improve vital energy (Qi). Through slow movements, deep breathing, visualization, stretching and postural exercises, Qi Gong helps to stay in good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A regular Qi Gong practice is known to increase both disease and wound prevention and their healing.

A Qi Gong class normally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and allows students to explore, practice and learn a series of exercises adapted to each individual’s constitution. Qi Gong provides simple and effective routines for people of all ages, individually or in a group setting. Taught in a preventive or curative manner, it favours physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Physically, practicing Qi Gong regularly provides a large range of benefits such as increased vitality, flexibility, coordination, proprioception, endurance and balance, an improved functioning of the immune system and of blood and energy circulation, a tonification of the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as a decrease in chronic pain and high blood pressure. Psychologically, it boosts relaxation, stress and anxiety management, improves memory and cognitive functions, as well as promoting better sleep and the attainment of psychological balance.

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